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quick edit logo webThe ultimate tool for all Joomla websites!  You won’t know how you lived without this tool.  This tool will allow you to edit any content in your website simply by sending an email to your site.  The Quick edit plugin is fast, secure and easy to use and powerful.   Simply send an email to your specified email with {edit} in the content.  Your site will automatically send you back a list of all published articles with buttons allowing you to easily publish, feature, unfeatured, delete or edit any article.  Furthermore, you can easily specify to send only articles in a certain category or just unpublished articles.  The power lies in being able to control not only Joomla content but also K2 content and Easyblog content.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 00:35
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quick edit logo webThis is the user manual for the Quick Edit Plugin

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