Plugins for Components

k2Blogsten Pro features a new plugin architecture which will allow any extension developer to create a separate plugin in order to utilize the power of Blogsten Pro's conversion engine to place content not only in a Joomla article but in other tables.  This will allow posting of your mail to other ccks like K2 and Easyblog or Kuena.


K2 is the most popular CCK for Joomla.  Support for K2 content extension for Joomla has been developed with enterprise edition of Powermail which we have named - Blogsten Pro and is now released.




Easy Blog is a great blogging solution for Joomla.  Now Easy Blog Plugin for Blogsten Pro has been developed to bring your content directly into your EasyBlog using new architecture of the PowerMail Engine.  EasyBlog is available now and can be used with Blogsten Pro.




kuena square

Kuena is one of the most popular forums for Joomla.  Now you can post directly to the forum using your text or email using Blogsten Pro's new engine and plugin built specifically for Kuena forum.