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Quick Edit

quick edit logo webThe ultimate tool for all Joomla websites!  You won’t know how you lived without this tool.  This tool will allow you to edit any content in your website simply by sending an email to your site.  The Quick edit plugin is fast, secure and easy to use and powerful.   Simply send an email to your specified email with {edit} in the content. 

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Plugins for Components

k2Blogsten Pro features a new plugin architecture which will allow any extension developer to create a separate plugin in order to utilize the power of Blogsten Pro's conversion engine to place content not only in a Joomla article but in other tables.  This will allow posting of your mail to other ccks like K2 and Easyblog or Kuena.

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Blogsten vs PowerMail

blogsten box- arch

What is the difference between PowerMail and Blogsten you might ask?  This is an excellent question certainly.  The short answer is that Blogsten is part of the PowerMail family and is the most powerful version of PowerMail.  We were going to name it PowerMail Pro Premium however decided that with the amount of changes that went into the programming, it was more appropriate to have it's own name.  We have changed many things about the component which is why it is a new component but part of the family.

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PowerMail for Joomla 3.x release

We will be releasing PowerMail for Joomla 3.x within the next 2 weeks.  We are excited as this version includes some major upgrades for our users including:

GPL licensing and removal of our prior license method

Removal of TIDY php library requirement

Complete language files revision (may be releasing in v1.1)